With Ticket Pro you can create a complete mobile ticketing solution in minutes.

Mobile for consumers, mobile for businesses. With the official TicketPro App, businesses can turn an ordinary smartphone into a complete point of sale and scanning system, whilst consumers have a way to easily store all tickets on their mobile.

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How does it work?

Mobile Ticketing For Consumers

Consumers can present their Ticket Pro tickets for entry and redemption in multiple ways. Ticket Pro is completely secure ensuring that the ticket is redeemable only once (or according to the rules of the ticket) no matter how it is presented, on mobile or printed hard copy.

  • Ticket Pro App (Ticket Wallet) – The Ticket Pro App provides a permanent and easy Ticket wallet for consumers to bring up all their tickets (orders) for scanning and redemption. Easy as pie.
  • Mobile Ticket – After all purchases, Ticket Pro sends a unique ticket via email. This contains both a PDF and a ticket image. Consumers can simply bring up the ticket from their email or mobile storage for scanning.
  • Printed Ticket – If the consumer is print focused, then they can easily print out the ticket sent via email.

Mobile Ticket Redemption for Businesses

The Ticket Pro App can turn any compliant mobile with a camera into a sophisticated point of sale and scanning system, including validating and redeeming pre-purchased tickets in real time.

The Ticket Pro App provides a fast way for businesses to scan each unique ticket and ensure that the purchase made is a valid ticket for entry or redemption. The App also works well in high traffic environments, allowing quick scanning and validation of all pre-purchased tickets by staff. The App provides a number of features that ensures the operation works smoothly for customer service staff and operators. The App can also be used by multiple staff at the same time.

Some of the environments that the Ticket Pro App works well in includes:

  • Single and multiple door entry environments
  • Customer service desks
  • Mobile and remote customer service
  • Restaurant & cafe counters
  • Classrooms
  • Hospitality and tourism points of sale

The App works hand in hand with Ticket Pro online, with all tickets capable of being validated in real time through mobile or online (PC) and both will support the one complete ticketing solution.

The App relies on real time internet connectivity, either through Wifi or a recommended 3G mobile signal. The App will work on slow internet speeds but be aware that you may need to test your local environment.