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Ticket Pro provides an online ticketing solution to create, promote, manage and sell your event, whatever it may be.

Ticket Pro handles ticketing needs for events large and small. Our online ticketing sales and management can be your event solution whether you’re holding one event a year or multiple events per day.

It doesn’t matter if you’re holding a dinner for 5 people or a concert for 50,000 the powerful Ticket Pro software makes ticket registration, management and redemption easy. If you’re hosting an event, Ticket Pro has got your ticketing needs covered.

It may be important to choose the maximum number of check-ins allowed per ticket and of course Ticket Pro gives you control of this. You can also control the minimum and maximum number of tickets/vouchers a buyer can purchase.

All Ticket Pro events are listed publically (unless you need privacy) so they can be found on Google and other search engines. All public Ticket Pro events will also be listed on Liveguide, Australia’s largest event listing website which attracts millions of visitors a year.

We also provide other methods of promotion. Integration with Facebook and Twitter makes spreading the news of your event via social media quick and easy. You can also email out your event details or post it on your webpage.

If you’re holding a free event, Ticket Pro won’t charge you a cent. If it’s a paid event Ticket Pro charges a small fee per ticket – only 25 cents + 2%.

Use our partnership with PayPal to manage secure payments and a special rate package cheaper than your bank. When tickets are purchased the money goes straight into your PayPal account.


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