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Ticket Pro – book out your venue or service

Ticket Pro provides a complete ticketing solution to book your venue, class or service.

Ticket Pro can be used for many purposes – you can book venues, register for classes and courses and schedule services. Ticket Pro gives the organizer control over what you sell and how you sell it – you have the freedom to create any type of tickets/vouchers you want.

It’s easy to set up recurring or repeated events – you can then sell and manage attendance for one class or a whole course. You can select the time when a purchased ticket or voucher becomes valid, choosing immediately, a specific day and time or a specific time before an event starts. You can also have control over how long a purchased ticket/voucher is valid for – you can choose a time period after purchase date or a specific date and time.

It may be important to choose the maximum number of check-ins allowed per ticket and of course Ticket Pro gives you control of this. You can also control the minimum and maximum number of tickets/vouchers a buyer can purchase.

Organizers can choose for tickets/vouchers to only be valid for a single redemption or allow unlimited check-ins during the period of ticket validity. So if you’re running a gym or other business that requires membership you can sell time-limited entrance passes.

When a voucher is purchased the money goes straight into your PayPal account. You have a direct relationship with the customer - if the customer does not redeem the voucher in the time period you specify then the money is yours.

Using Ticket Pro as your online booking system with a dedicated web and mobile presence promoting your available bookings means you can capture any leads by directing potential customers to your pages to buy tickets/vouchers.

If you’re not charging for your service, Ticket Pro won’t charge you a cent. If you’re charging customers Ticket Pro charges a small fee per ticket – only 25 cents + 2%. Use our partnership with PayPal to manage secure payments and a special rate package cheaper than your bank. When tickets are purchased the money goes straight into your PayPal account.


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