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Ticket Pro provides a complete ticketing solution to create, promote, manage and sell your pre-paid ticket whether it’s for purchasing food, services or for booking an event. It's free to sign up and get started. There is no fee if you are creating a free ticket or voucher.

Features - Create

Attractive professional pages to attract buyers

  • Create and publish professional web/mobile pages and customize them with all the information you need to sell your tickets or vouchers - including logos, images, video and event description.
  • It doesn't matter if you're running a large or small event on one day or multiple dates - you set the ticket quantity and can easily set up recurring events and ticket/voucher validity time periods.
  • Every event gets a personalized URL which you can customise and use to publicize your sales, event or service.
  • Specify different ticket types and automatically email attendees professional tickets.
  • Ask ticket/voucher buyers questions to build a valuable client database.
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Making it simple to spread the word and capture sales, right now, online, mobile and facebook!

  • Sell from your website or Facebook page to capture instant sales and dollars to your account.
  • Publicize your sales deals and events on social media with simple integration on social media.
  • All Ticket Pro pages are automatically listed on Google and other search engines (unless you want privacy) so prospective attendees can discover your services and events.
  • Ticket Pro tickets with great deals in local areas will be promoted on Liveguide www.liveguide.com.au, Australia's largest what’s on event and entertainment website.
  • Ticket Pro tickets will also feature on other high traffic websites and partners to be announced soon.
  • Save email contact lists for ticket buyers so you can send them regular email announcements and future sales, deals and events invitations.
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Track sales and take the stress out of ticket management

  • Set ticket/voucher numbers and multiple ticket types and access detailed sales reports 24/7.
  • Set up a regular ticket to re-occur weekly or monthly or whatever frequency you choose and manage sales across all of your dates through one page.
  • Collect information from ticket buyers to know more about your ticket attendees, and maintain a searchable database of your customers' details.
  • Buyers carry your ticket around in our Ticket Pro app (iPhone and Android) for instant scanning or they can show it on their mobile phone or print it out from their email for easy validation and redemption at your store or event venue.
  • Use our Ticket Pro app to validate tickets with a wide variety of features and high volume scanning.
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Instant payment, secure payment system

  • Ticket Pro uses the secure Stripe system for ticket transactions which means that not only is your money safe but you can access funds immediately. Buyers can pay by credit card.
  • Ticket Pro members are entitled to a special discounted rate for Stripe transactions.
  • Ticket Pro can sell multiple ticket types for a single event and track all your sales.
  • Attendees can easily register or buy tickets online for your event. You can even choose to accept donations from your users instead of charging a fixed price.
  • TicketPro's only charges a small fee (25 cents +2%) per ticket. And of course, if your event is free, so are we!
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It’s free to sign up – get started now!

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