About Us

Ticket Pro is an online ticketing platform created by Dload.

Ticket Pro launched in 2012 to provide affordable ticket registration, promotion and management. Users create professional online and mobile pages to display events and services, promote these pages quickly and easily via social media and other high traffic websites, manage sales and attendees in real-time and redeem tickets and vouchers online.

We’re constantly aiming to improve our service and welcome feedback from users – please email your suggestions to support@ticketpro.com.au.


Dload has been powering interactive marketing since 1999. Founded in Australia, we have successfully commercialized research and technical development in digital communications to become a leading international solutions provider.

Our award-winning interactive marketing solution Involve is a proven success. This unique solution simplifies the management of running complex digital marketing campaigns, empowers organizations to better understand and profit from their customer and business relationships and, importantly, provides significant resource savings. Our client base covers a variety of industry sectors in North America, Australia, Europe and Asia.

Additionally, we design, develop and deliver services across a variety of digital fields, including mobile and online, combining our own proprietary technology with best-of-breed open source solutions.

With our extensive international experience, we provide consulting on progressive eStrategies, assisting organizations to expand their presence in an ever-changing technological world.

We continually strive to better understand the underlying relationships between people and technology, so that our communication solutions and products reflect the ever-changing, multi-national face of society; after all, different people communicate differently.

With our Asia/Pacific Head Office located in Sydney, Australia and our North American/European business is managed from Boise, United States, we offer global experience and knowledge to all our clients.